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Our Cellar Door “Lights in Sleep”

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I saw you walking by… You’ve got those shotgun eyes they blew right through me. I told you I was fine… My thief, you robbed me blind. My heart, it beats just cause you’re near me. My walls all stained by you. The words that you would spew, they’d leave marks that only I’d see. This song is on repeat. The clock is stuck on three. I only left cause you wanted to be free. But if I raised my voice so loud you’d hear me in your sleep… Maybe it would be fate that pushed us further away and I’d become a dream. It’s only just a dream. I know that I got caught up. My foolish thoughts were brought up in a form, in a way that would hurt you. But darling we’ve both sinned. We break like porcelain we open up but then we fall through. But if you raised your voice so loud I’d hear you in my sleep. Maybe it would be fate that pushed us further away and you’d become a dream. It’s only just a dream. Please forgive me… I’m sorry.

  Kent, Ohio, Un

Humble Heroz

Humble Heroz is Vendi and J. Alexander. We are not your everyday producers; we combine musical talent with an experienced musical background. Vendi plays the guitar and J. Alexander has studied piano his whole life. We work with a neve console out of Primetime Recording Studio in Akron, Ohio. Our sound is influenced by a wide range of musical styles, giving us flexibility in our music and allowing us to create a diverse and unique style. Our songs range from club bangers, street anthems, piano ballads, to heavy synth. We strive to create an album that flows from start to finish, one you can listen to without skipping any songs. If you’re looking for some fresh and versatile beats, hit us up at Humbleheroz@gmail.com ormyspace.com/humbleheroz  Peace and god .

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